Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Airport Style

Look 3. Polyvore || Jack wills

Look 2. Polyvore || Hipsta Please !

Look 1. Polyvore || She's a rainbow

It's your Life !!

This life is yours to change !! exactly .. For ages.... now we've wanted to start this blog, the only thing stopping us was the backlash we might get off the people we know. But whats the point in not doing something you want just because someone thinks it's weird, Everyone has different likes and dislikes which makes this world interesting if everyone was the same, how boring would life be ? So If you feel like the fear of being  judged is stopping you from doing something you love or wish to do! Just forget all of the negative and focus on the positive ! It's your life, it's yours to change.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer look 1.

Fashion Plays a big Part in everyone male and female here is an outfit i put together to      introduce colour and pattern.

denim and pattern goes really well for summer looks
To make a look  more stylish pop on a boater hat 

Steps to clearer skin!

Today is all about useful tips in beauty and how you get that glow models have when they are on the Runway.
First of all for the teenagers out there Struggling with that dreaded acne on the face follow these useful tips that will be make you smiling in no time.
Its completely normal to have acne when your a teenager so do not worry about it.I also had that Dreaded Acne but then I realized there was no worry because a few years later it was soon gone for good when I followed these steps towards happiness.        
  •  Number One : okay so you should really wash your face twice a day with cold water to tighten your pores which help reduce acne and prevent it too. I would recommend you wash your face with Dove Beauty Cream Bar you can purchase this soap in any kind of supermarket, It really Does help so give a go. 
  • Number Two :The easiest and most cost effective way of curing your acne isToothpaste. 
  • Any brand will work as long as it is a paste NOT A GEL. 
  • Only apply dots to the blemishes because a thick layer wont dry out acne 
  • For best results drink water also. It is advised that you drink a litre and a half of water everyday.
  • I do this before I go to bed at night, using a headband to keep my hair out of the toothpaste. You can also do it in the morning, as long as you don't have to go anywhere, what a sight !!
  • Number Three: For the Best results to reduce acne over night is to apply a small layer with a cotton bud of Sudocrem  Or Morhulin  they are both fast and they  reduce redness straight away.

  • Number Four: Their is Treatment available in boots across the world for example Spot wand  The name really says it all, but it does help trust me it does, so the Brand is called Tea Tree witch Hazel  It fights Spots and instant action.,  it has two sides you apply the day or night end directly to the spot when needed. The link to is below


  • Number Five:Last But not Least is the power that really helped dry spots its called Caldesene, its usually used for nappy Rash's but who  knew it would have worked. 


  • I hope this helps you smile again, you can purchase any of these products for under 10 Euro in any supermarket.